VoIP termination business Ecuador

VoIP termination business Ecuador

GSM termination business is extremely developed in Latin America

Many countries in this region are highly developed mobile communications business. For example, in Ecuador, there are hundred people with the hundred mobile phones.

Essentially the GSM termination is transmitting the voice traffic (calls) and the Internet (VoIP) in the mobile network (GSM).
This may be accomplished using VoIP-termination services.

You’ll be glad to learn the basic environment in the Republic of Ecuador – it is located in northwestern South America, bordered by Colombia and Peru. Ecuador has a population of over 15 million inhabitants. In Ecuador, there are three mobile operators: Claro, Movistar, and CNT. Each of these mobile operators offers both services prepaid and contract services. It is also possible using a USB modem to access the Internet.

The tools for VoIP termination is rather expensive. At the same time, it provides a rapid return on finances and a steady income. Even the smallest financial injections in Ecuador VoIP termination attracts transit operators who are willing to buy the VoIP terminator’s product. That product is the voice route. The carriers carry out regular payments to the VoIP terminators, and at the same time provide them the support at the different operation level.

In order to start a wholesale VoIP business in Ecuador, one should pay attention to the several important elements. Still, let’s discuss the revenue opportunities in Ecuador.

Claro Ecuador
this region has the largest subscribers’ database of the operator Claro Ecuador: about 12 million subscribers. Claro Americas also provides network coverage in Costa Rica, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Uruguay.

Movistar Ecuador
Movistar termination is the 2-nd most popular among mobile phone users in Ecuador. By the way, this is the biggest mobile operator in Spain, with 40% of subscribers. In Ecuador, this operator is not as well represented (25% of subscribers of the country). Movistar is owned by Telefonica and works in Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

CNT Ecuador
CNT Termination Ecuador has the lowest subscriber base. It is also a national operator, which, in addition to mobile telephony provides its subscribers with satellite TV and fixed telephony.

If you want to buy a VoIP-GSM gateway in Ecuador, even with one channel, you will be able to provide about 500 minutes of voice route daily transit operators. Let’s talk about what will be your profit. The transit operators will provide you the payment of $ 0.13 dollars per one minute of voice route. This means – about $ 65 dollars per day. And if you buy Gateway with 4 channels, you will be able to earn $ 260 a day. In a month you will earn about $ 8000.

So where do I start a business GSM termination in Ecuador?

The most important thing, you have to get a reliable tool – VoIP / GSM gateway. The best way to become a part of the VoIP termination of business – to use the proven solution for voice termination. Some companies provide the complete solutions for GSM termination business. In order to choose the best one, you need to make research, read the feedback, even contact the companies which already use this equipment. So, don’t waste time – start researching!

We also would like to mention, that there is a more simple way to enter the VoIP business. Some will consider it less profitable, but we should admit that it is a bit different kind of business. Here you don’t nee any equipment and special knowledge of networks, the only thing you need is to have a client database who perform international calls and a VoIP provider, that will supply you with the traffic. Here you are the third element in the chain, still, you can get your margin. The revenue depends on a number of calls your clients perform.

Also, you’ll need the VoIP provider. The easiest way to get such service is to buy the voice wholesale, and the most comfortable way is to register at wholesale VoIP portal with the friendly user interface.

So, if you are confident in your decision to start the VoIP termination business, first decide on the type of business that is preferable for you. And the thing you won’t avoids no matter which kind of business you’ll finally choose – the research. You should do it yourself.

We wish you good luck and if this article was interesting for you, please, follow up our blog for the updates!