Frequently Asked Questions about GSM Termination Business – Part 1

Frequently Asked Questions about GSM Termination Business – Part 1

Here we are starting a series of publications based on the short answers of experts on the most pressing and asked questions about voice termination business. We hope, it will be useful not only for those who are going to start this kind of business but also for those who have experience in VoIP termination.

We promise, there will not be long boring descriptions, only bare facts, and clear answers. So, let’s start!

When you have chosen the system which will provide the technical basis for your termination business, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Codecs
  2. The width of the online channel
  3. VPN


Which codecs are compatible with GSM gateways?

Check if the codecs of the system match to your environment. The most common codecs are G729: 2, G729A, G723, G711A, G711U.

What is the bandwidth needed for equipment?

General requirements for the Internet channel is its stability and speed not less than:

1 Mbps for Mini rack 2U

4 Mbps for SIM box (300 SIMs)

8 Mbps for GSM Gateway (30 GSM channels)

What about security? VPN?

Yes, of course, for your safety and security of your GSM termination businesses your technical department should take care of VPN. It is the basis of the security.

If you have any further questions to us follow our articles where we will discuss all details.