How to Send Bulk SMS Through Personal Number?

How to Send Bulk SMS Through Personal Number?

A mass or bulk SMS sending is not a question of 2 minutes and has its own details and nuances. It is considered to give a significant increase in the number of customers and, as a result, in sales. In this article, we will make a short overview of the options of SMS-mailing to customers through several channels – from a computer, through programs and online services, from a phone or using mobile applications.

How to send mass SMS from your phone?

How to do?

  • Choose a mobile operator and the most profitable in terms of SMS tariff plan (the larger SMS package it includes, the better).
  • Transfer all the necessary contacts (mailing database) to the phone memory. This can be done manually or through special programs (for example, by synchronizing with your Google account).
  • After that, you need to create a text message, select the desired contacts in the phone book (immediately, for example, 100) and send a message to all at once.


Pros and cons

  • You are unlikely to be able to send 500 messages at once, for example – manually do it quickly, in addition, the mobile operator can block such bulk SMS recognizing it as a “spam” containing the same text. This option is good if you need to send, for example, about 100 messages.
  • For each message in the SMS-mailing through the phone, you will pay according to the tariff of the mobile operator (for example, 0.0067 EUR a piece). If your tariff plan provides SMS package, the cost of such conditional bulk SMS can be reduced a little, besides the SMS distribution will not exceed your monthly subscription payment.


Bulk SMS sending with the help of mobile applications

How to do?


  • Viber, WhatsApp and other messengers in your phone can be used as programs for sending bulk SMS. For large companies, Viber, for example, has a Viber for Business service. In the case of a necessity to send to a small database for mailing, you can perform such mailing manually (the algorithm is almost similar to mailing from the phone).


Pros and cons


  • The obvious advantage: you can attach multimedia content (photo or video) to the message in messengers. In addition, you can create conversations with up to 100 participants, which is also useful for alerting a small number of participants.
  • In order for the addressee from your phone contacts database to receive an advertising message in his messenger, he must have at least installed the application through which you send SMS. In this case, the bulk SMS marketing will be free for you.
  • In messengers, spam mailing is officially prohibited, and if you are caught on it (that is, your recipients will start complaining massively about spam coming from you), the number will be blocked forever.


Sms-sending to phones from a computer (via software programs)

How to do?

On the Internet, there are many programs to send SMS from computer to phones. Here are some examples: SMS Desktop Manager Pro, TotalSMS and so on. This software is free to download with torrents, some are paid some fees, it can weigh a bit of memory space to be used at your disc storage, though most of them have a simple interface.

The algorithm of sending SMS is following:


  • Select the program, download and install it on your computer.
  • Set the desired settings (message text, phone numbers, time and date) and start the newsletter.
  • Pros and cons
  • The main advantage: is that this SMS is free. Often these programs have ready-made text templates to send (which, however, it may be recognized as “spam” that makes its usage not recommended).

Of the minuses: some of such programs for sending SMS from your computer exclude sending SMS from your computer to particular countries, so it is better to make the more precise search of the destination needed for you. Some messages are sent only in Latin and do not support other languages. And, of course, it is quite difficult to check whether the messages actually reached the recipients.


Sending SMS on the Internet with the help of special online services

How to do?

Internet services are special websites through which you can start sending to the desired telephone database. Today it is quite a popular way of sending bulk SMS. Most of them are rather convenient and comprehensive to use, automated services for those who do not have time and not willing to understand the nuances of SMS mailing. The use of such platforms is free, but you need to pay per SMS or buy an SMS package at such services. The cost per SMS is usually counted in Euros and cost not so much, from several cents. A good example of this type of SMS services is

The common algorithm of sending SMS by such online platforms is:

  • Creating an account at online service.
  • Refilling the balance in calculation on the telephone numbers quantity and country of destination.
  • Preparing SMS template
    Uploading the database of phone numbers.
  • Creating a bulk SMS campaign and launching it immediately, or scheduling for some time in the future.

Pros and cons

Such online services allow you to work with databases of any size – 10 000 messages in a short time for us is not the limit. The price for 1 SMS is usually fixed and does not depend on the mobile operator.

Another plus: in the situation with online services, you use a specific company as an intermediary between yourself and a potential client, which serves your SMS. The intermediary is interested in the effect of your mailing, which means that at least people from the contact base will receive this SMS for sure. In addition, you can choose a convenient time of SMS-mailing, rather than send it “here and now”.

Another advantage: if the “manual” mailing from the phone, your SMS if sent in bulk may be blocked, but through the online service, a large part of spam will be passed.


SMS sending time is one more important issue, you need to think over

Web services provide the ability to schedule a specific date and time. Each industry has its own, but it is better to send messages before 10 PM.


Sending SMS via API

How to do?

API (application programming interface) – an interface that allows you to program applications. Thanks to this technology, you can connect to automate sending SMS to customers.


SMS API integration is installed on a specific enterprise/equipment, and it can be installed only by a well-versed programmer. Today, many companies can order a service to equip your software products with SMS API technology for fast and mass sending of messages.


Pros and cons

The speed of sending SMS using API technology is about 150 pieces per second, that is very fast. The cost of sending SMS using this interface is declared from 90 cents per SMS, but it is worth considering that for the installation of the interface in your company will also have to pay separately. The API is more suitable for large businesses that use the mailing list regularly – in this case, the installation of the interface will be appropriate.


Send SMS from your browser

How to do?


  • Install in your browser (Google Chrome, etc.) a special extension-plugin.
  • The “send SMS” button will appear on the start page.
  • Dial the number of the subscriber, enter the text message and send SMS.


Pros and cons

It is enough to score in the search for “SMS newsletter over the Internet for free”, and you will come across the right plugin that is installed in 2 minutes. This SMS sending allows you to send SMS for free, but it is almost the same as stuffing messages manually from your phone: long and “non-mass”. In other words, this option is not suitable for large-scale mailings.


A few more important points:

Consent to receive SMS

Do not forget that in some countries there are certain requirements of mobile operators to messages sent in bulk. It is also worth considering some countries’ laws “on personal data” and “on advertising”. According to them, you must have permission to spam a particular subscriber.

From whom and to whom the newsletter?

Let your recipient understand who is sending the message and who to call if they want to contact you. Do not forget to specify this information in the SMS. It is better to fit the entire text of the message in the standard 160 characters of text in Latin. By the way, if it is possible to insert the name of the user to whom the mailing is performed while using online SMS provider service, it is also necessary to do.


Good luck with your SMS alerts!