Making a VoIP Call

Making a VoIP Call


The most common in the world of instant messengers – Skype is a software with a closed protocol. It provides video and video conferencing up to 10 people. It allows you to make VoIP calls to regular phones, take calls. There are versions for mobile devices.

Google Hangouts

Free service for instant messaging, calls and multicast video. Allows sharing the screen together to draw on the whiteboard, jointly edit documents in Google Docs, conduct webinars broadcast. Available on mobile platforms.


Mobile VoIP application for the iPhone. It is integrated into the address book and authenticates the phone number. It allows you to make free calls in high-quality between smartphones with installed Viber. You can make calls to ordinary and mobile phones at low rates.


The App available for Android and iOS as well as PC software and a web dialer – offers you the best rates on the market to dial your international calls using application. Simply download the application and after registering your account you’ll be able to call anyone in the world at the lowest rates with an amazing voice quality. For travelers all around the world, CallnSpeak App will make you save a lot of money on roaming, so you can forget about surprising billing when you are abroad! For not travelers, CallnsSpeak App is still the best choice to make calls in your country, thanks to the cheapest rates that can beat your local providers.