Profit from the VoIP termination

Profit from the VoIP termination

Let’s take the example of one of the world’s biggest countries India and Russia. For each transmitted minute of the international call in Russia, you will get 0,016 USD.

One of the widespread mobile operators in Russia is MTS. Based on the tariff plan “SMART” for USD 7 per month you get full no limit inside the network so that your profit with one minute is 0,015 USD. Thus, your monthly income can reach 7000 USD, with an initial investment of 11 000 USD for the entire project.

Business profit calculation for wholesale VoIP termination in Russia MTS example

NAME type Price, USD

  • The cost of a minute of conversation in Russia, MTS “SMART” 0.001 $ MIN
  • Income per minute VOIP-GSM termination in Russia 0.016 $ MIN
  • Revenue per minute (the difference between income and expenses) 0.015 $ MIN
  • Turnover (approximate income per month) up to $ 7000
  • The required initial investment of $ 11,000

So, the conclusion is, Russia is a country where VoIP termination is very beneficial.

Besides the fact that the VoIP-termination commerce is beneficial within the country, one can also expand the field of activity to the CIS countries. Beeline mobile carrier is the biggest mobile company not only Russia but also in neighboring countries.

Let us consider one of the options. On the basis of the plan called “Welcome,” one minute call to Ukraine costs 0.05 USD and get the one-minute call to Ukraine, while your revenue per 1 minute will be 0.10 USD. Thus, your profit with one minute 0.05 USD. Profit Monthly – 24 000 USD, at the same time, the initial investment remains the same – 11 000 USD.

To start VoIP termination business in Russia one need the following elements:

1. Choose a system with the optimum configuration
2. Manage various locations and find the choices to regularly purchase SIM cards in big amounts
3. Began getting traffic (international VoIP calls)
4. Get the revenue each 2 weeks

To start a commerce in the VoIP-termination, you will need the tools – the VoIP gateway. You can also, manage without the equipment by buying VoIP traffic at the special websites, where all the said above is done for you. All you need is to fill the account and buy the traffic, then you should switch all your clients who are performing calls to this website and terminate calls to them. In this case, the provider of the website have his margin, and you need to put yours. The advantage is you don’t need to bother about all the equipment and so on and so force.

Usually, such web solutions are provided by the VoIP carriers, who have agreements with major telecom companies, so the traffic is secure and reliable. To find one of them you can try the old proven method – search the web using the keywords “wholesale VoIP carrier”, “a-z wholesale termination” etc. also, you can search at the special telecom forums, at LinkedIn groups, where the sales representatives of such companies work.

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