SMS-Mailing: How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Bulk SMS Marketing on the Point of Sales

SMS-Mailing: How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Bulk SMS Marketing on the Point of Sales


Bulk SMS marketing, like any other advertising channels, needs to assess the effectiveness, the head of the department on work with clients, Stream Telecom As with any advertising, SMS-mailing needs assessment of effectiveness.

This is necessary to improve the advertising texts and various techniques that you use. You need to understand whether the client has come from your bulk SMS campaign or advertisement on another channel.

We assume that we have two versions of the customer’s expected action: coming to a store, office and a phone call. In the first case in the SMS text, you can insert the phrase “… With this SMS discount or a gift …” or “Show SMS and get …”.

You can use also use the phrase “Tell the SMS password and get …”.

Also, it makes sense to insert a telephone number, which is only utilized in the promotional SMS messaging. An important thing – you must strive to make the SMS-messages the most personalized for each client.

In the case, you treat your customer personally, and the likelihood of a careful reading of the positive reaction is significantly increased. Is it possible to assess the effectiveness of SMS-distribution objective for counting the number of customer complaints after receiving the distribution is best stated in the message a separate phone number to which calls will be only those who received the SMS?

You can use a unique “promotional code” for each action undertaken. According to the digits at the client promo codes (to get a discount or a bonus) you get an objective picture of the requests number.

Another attractive option for receiving such information – is to insert the text the address of the Internet page with the terms of the offer. Thus, the number who applied will be judged on the number of transmissions to the site.

To do this, just include a link UTM-label. For convenience, and in order not to increase the size of the text SMS, the web-link can be reduced using special services.


Calculate ROI

This indicator is important for understanding the fits that your company gets from the carried out SMS campaigns. The fact is that among those who took advantage of your SMS offer, customers can check with a small size, large customers as well as clients who have not made a purchase.

Understanding the distribution efficiency will help to compare the income received as a result of the action with the cost of its implementation. For this purpose, the ROI factor shows a return on investment. It is calculated by the following formula ROI = (revenue-cost price / cost) * 100%

Consider this example: you have spent 3000 dollars on sending thousands of bulk messages. From the thousands of customers who have received SMS, 30 made a purchase and made revenue of 2,000 dollars (at the cost of 1500 dollars).

Using the formula, we get the ROI = (2000h30 – 1500h30) / 3000h100% = 500%

As a result of the SMS campaign, you get 15 000 dollars. At the cost of sending 3 000 dollars.

Thus, the investment paid off in 4 times, and profit from the shares amounted to 12,000 rubles. Make a funnel conversion, In this case, the conversion – is the ratio of buyers to make a purchase, the total number of clients who were included in the mailing list database. Funnel conversion to send bulk SMS texting to get the following: The number of phone numbers in the database.

Some customers who have received the SMS. Some clients make a call (or visit the site of the store). The number of customers made a purchase. You must set goals for each stage of the funnel. For example, the goal – to increase the rate of the 3rd phase of 10% (calls, visits). To assess the quality of the work at each stage, you must regularly compare the results of steps. To keep track of who among the received SMS has been active, you can use the CRM-system. This will help keep all data in one database. Perform A / B message testing for A / B testing is necessary to analyze multiple versions of the distribution. Part of the customer receives SMS text with one embodiment, and the others – to the other. Different messages can specify different promotional offers, or determine the various links in the page action. This will help determine which version of the text more practical. Send messages at different times of the day or on different days. This will find the optimal time periods for SMS-distribution. Taking into account factors such as seasonality and holidays is crucial. Thus, we can distinguish five indicators that are worth paying attention: Number of customers who have received a message. This data provides the chosen service to provide services SMS-mailing. The percentage of reading. This information is available for manual WhatsApp-mailings. This option is not suitable for databases with the number of contacts over 50. The average proportion of SMS has been read up to 95%.