Tajikistan – a great choice to start the A to Z voice termination business

Tajikistan – a great choice to start the A to Z voice termination business

Here in this article, we are going to cover the facts about the prospects for new business GSM termination in Tajikistan

Telecommunication services represent the global market with the revenues of more than 1.5 trillion US dollars. 40% of this amount is accounted for mobile services, which possess two times more subscribers worldwide than the fixed telephone line.

Tajikistan’s telecommunications sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the national economy. According to the Communication Services report from February 2015, there was 15% annual average revenues growth in the industry up to the 2013 year, and in 2014 it was 2%. In 2011 it was about $ 450 million, and by the end of 2013, the gross income of ICT sector reached the US $ 560 million. In 2013, private companies accounted for 96% of the total income of the sector.

Tadjikistan GSM operators

In general, the field of telecommunications in Tajikistan

You will be happy to learn that the telecommunication market of Tajikistan consists of seven primary Internet service providers and five mobile operators, and a large number of content providers, web studios, companies, domain registrars, and other companies. Market competition and reduced prices for services made cellular and internet technologies available to the significant number of people (6.4 million mobile customers and 3.8 million Internet users), allowing them to use the services on a daily basis. Taking into account the fact that consumers are often the users of the services of several companies, the cellular communication market covers 138% of the total population of Tajikistan, comparatively with the fixed telephony, which covers 4.9% only.

What are the benefits of GSM termination in contrast to VoIP termination business in Tajikistan?

  • It is easy to select a mobile operator
  • Tadjikistan mobile operators tariffs
  • Tadjikistan gsm termination profit
  • GSM termination in Tajikistan is very beneficial and profitable
  • Organizing the infrastructure and installing the equipment is relatively simple and inexpensive.
  • The costs on the calls in Tajikistan are minimal!
  • Stable Income in USD: You receive approximately 0.08 US dollars for every minute of call!

The calculation revenues from GSM termination business in Tajikistan

NAME type Price, USD

  • The cost of a minute of conversation in Tajikistan 0.01 $ per min
  • Income per minute termination in Tajikistan 0.08 $ per min
  • Revenue per minute (the difference between income and costs) 0.07 $ per min
  • Turnover (approximate income per month) up to $ 20,000
  • The required initial investment of $ 14,000

Step by step instructions for the successful business start of the GSM termination in Tajikistan and receiving the profit after 2 weeks of installation, follow below.

Observe the maximum security while the project deployment. The availability of the system administrator with the initial knowledge of the Linux operating system is extremely recommended

  • The equipment and software for GSM termination should have a 100% quality guarantee and full compatibility.
  • To avoid problems, do not use the software and hardware from different manufacturers.
  • Use only the latest developments in the protection of SIM-cards from blocking anti-FRAUD systems.
  • When choosing a vendor pay attention to its development directions, otherwise, you can buy a system hard to develop and support.
  • Make sure that you can buy SIM-cards of local mobile operators.
  • Request an Internet Service Provider to ensure the stable synchronous channel with the speed not less than 4 Mbit / sec.
  • Organize a stable electricity connection (recommended use of the UPS).

Finally, create a bank account in US dollar currency. In order to avoid unnecessary additional costs, it is recommended to create a company and a bank account in an offshore zone.
Just imagine, using a 32-channel system, you can terminate 10 thousand minutes a day.

If you’re wondering how to get the $ 800 per day, follow up mu articles and you’ll learn how to start and maintain successful VoIP business!